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CALLIE - Damage Assessment

VISION Breakdown

Damage Assessment

The rear of the vehicle shows significant damage:

  • Trunk Lid: Deep dents and deformation on the trunk lid.

  • Rear Bumper: Visible scratches and possible dislodgement on the left side.

  • Tail Lights: The right tail light is cracked, and the left tail light is missing a cover.

  • License Plate Area: Distortion around the license plate area.

Repair Recommendations

  • Trunk Lid: Replace or repair the trunk lid to restore its original shape and functionality.

  • Rear Bumper: Repair or replace the rear bumper, ensuring alignment and secure attachment.

  • Tail Lights: Replace the right tail light and reattach or replace the left tail light cover.

  • License Plate Area: Straighten and repair the area around the license plate.

Cost Estimation

  • Trunk Lid: $600 - $900

  • Rear Bumper: $400 - $700

  • Tail Lights: $150 - $300 each

  • License Plate Area: $100 - $200

  • Total Estimated Cost: $1,250 - $2,100

Timeframe for Repairs

  • Total Repair Time: Approximately 3-5 days, depending on parts availability and shop workload.

Impact on Vehicle Safety

  • Tail Lights: The damaged tail lights affect visibility and signaling, which are critical for safe driving.

  • Structural Integrity: The trunk lid and rear bumper damage may impact the vehicle's structural integrity in case of another collision.

Insurance Considerations

  • Coverage: This type of damage is typically covered under collision insurance. Documentation and photographic evidence will be necessary for the claim.

  • Claims Process: Contact the insurance provider to file a claim, providing all required documentation and estimates from the repair shop.

Additional Observations

  • Preventive Measures: Parking in safer areas and installing rear sensors or a camera could help prevent similar damage in the future.

  • Repair Shop Selection: Choose a certified collision repair shop to ensure high-quality repairs and use of original parts.

Key Takeaway

Timely and proper repairs are essential to maintain vehicle safety and functionality. Ensuring that all damaged parts are repaired or replaced will help restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Overall CALI report

Overall CALI report

Overall CALI report


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